Doll Collector is a bimonthly magazine featuring collectible dolls. Coverage includes everything from the classic antiques of the last century, to childhood favorites from the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, to Barbie and friends, and to the artist dolls of today—all coupled with award-winning writing, design and our signature color photography. Articles are provided by industry-leading doll experts covering issues and persons pertinent to collectors, such as “how to collect” tips; current values; up-to-date research; collector, museum and doll artist profiles; doll displaying; buying and selling dolls; doll Debut; Fanfare - introducing the industry’s newest attractions; doll shows and club news; doll gallery; and miniatures. With over 75,000 international readers bimonthly, advertising in Doll Collector is the only way to reach today’s doll collectors.

Call Doug Kroll at 800-458-8237 ext. 220 (outside the U.S. 248-477-6650 ext 220).

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